Cycling tours

Cycling tour
Colico - Domaso
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Lake Como on a bicycle, a different way to discover natural attractions, enjoy breathtaking views, admire unexpected scenery, Natural Reserve Areas, experiencing the real soul of the place like a local.
Enjoy our cycle tour along easy bicycle lanes, be part of the magic of this land!

Cycling tour
Colico - Chiavenna
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Cycling along the cycleway “Ciclabile della Valchiavenna”; from Chiavenna’s city center to the “Acquafraggia” waterfalls”, Palace Vertemate or a typical “Crotto”.
A Cycle tour in Valchiavenna is a pleasure for your eyes and all your senses: Nature, Skyline, History, Traditions, and good food.
Let us experience the Nature of Valchiavenna together!

Cycling tour
Colico - Morbegno
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Discover “Sentiero Valtellina”, a magic experience for bicycle lovers: easy bicycle lanes along the river crossing ancient villages, fresh air, wild nature, panoramic views, vineyards, wine tasting, traditions, and Italian lifestyle.
Let us experience nature, energy, wellbeing, and culture in a Cycle Tour!

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Lake Como

Cycling tour Colico - Domaso

Are you looking for a different way to discover Lake Como? Enjoy a 35 km Cycling tour, an easy cycle along the bike lane from Colico to Domaso.


Cycling tour Colico - Chiavenna

A 40 km trip along the lake, river and countryside, an easy Cycle tour accessible to anyone who can ride a bike.


Cycling tour Colico - Morbegno

Enjoy a 40 km cycling tour in Valtellina, a pleasure for your eyes and all your senses: skyline, traditions and local food

Special offers

Enjoy a discounted Hike Tour (all you need is dates flexibility).

You will find new friends to share the passion for Nature and for the mountains in the fantastic landscapes of the Italian Alps.

Contact me for any further information.


27th june

Hiking tour in Valtellina, a relaxing day in the nature of Val di Mello. An easy walk along the Natural Reserve of Val di Mello, world renowned for its granit rocks and its rock climbing.

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2nd july

A romantic walking experience of about 4 km, from Varenna to the Castle of Vezio by a mountain trail.  Apericena in the Castle with breathtaking panorama, tasting local specialties.

Copia di IMMAGINE 1 _1Day trekking IL PONTE SUL CIELO

3rd july

An exciting experience in Valtellina, near Lake Como, crossing the highest tibetan european bridge, “Il Ponte nel cielo” (the bridge over the sky), and walking on the “mountain trail of the 5 bridges.

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